Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Anatomy and Posing

I think today, I will try to look for some more tutorials on anatomy. I remember seeing a couple good ones on DeviantArt (DA) that were really helpful.

It's amazing how much a bit of knowledge about anatomy can make it easier to draw characters in various poses. Knowing how muscles flow around the body makes it easier to draw arms and legs that look more realistic. I also find that artists often complain that drawing hands and feet are the hardest. This isn't really the case for me; I find drawing arms to be a lot more challenging. The overall shape isn't so bad, but when I start to put perspective into the picture or try to do a pose that I haven't really drawn before, that's when it starts to get hard for me. ^^

Also, I think that in addition to knowing anatomy, it's really important to have a clear idea of what pose you want to put your character in. I have a bad habit of starting to draw without a solid image in my head. I'll either have a very vague image of what I want to draw, or I'll just start drawing a face and try to match a pose to whatever expression I come up with. This is not helpful at all. XD In the end, I get something that doesn't feel natural at all and I usually end up struggling to get limbs looking right.

So my two goals? Look up tutorials and information on anatomy, and start trying to reference poses more. I think I may have to start looking at photographs and ads for ideas again.

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