Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Digital Painting

I tried my hand at creating a digital painting again, totally from scratch in Photoshop.

My main observation is that I think I'm just not used to drawing straight onto the screen. Small details are fine but overall, I notice that my proportions are kind of off. I want to say the problem is that I'm not seeing everything on screen at once but I tried something new today. I did a rough sketch at a very small zoom, because I'm used to drawing with smaller gestures instead of larger ones. It turned out nice but when I look at it now, the proportions look a little weird. I think the character's head is just a little too big.

Oh well, this is just a test, it doesn't have to be perfect. That's another thing I keep getting caught up on. :X

EDIT: ....*uses selection and resize tools* Ah, I love digital works. ♥

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Portfolio Progress

Well, line art for the two main character illustrations on my portfolio mural is now done. I'm currently laying down flat colors, which is ridiculously fast. I've been creating the line art by using fills as opposed to strokes, which is why it's taken so long. Now that I'm just going back to the usual method of madness, things are progressing rather nicely. ^^

I'm probably going to save a copy of the line art so I can practice painting later.

Once these two characters are done, I'm going to have to scan in the newest version of the background for the mural and start working on that. It's going to take a really long time to get all of those details finished but it's going to be really worth it. :3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So it's been a while since I last updated! Right now, I'm currently working on vectoring the line art for my portfolio mural. It's been going really slow because I'm really out of practice... It has been about 7 months since I last did anything in Illustrator. XD It's not that I'm rusty with the program, I feel like I'm able to pick up just where I left off. It's more that I'm not used to spending copious amounts of time grinding with anchor points and bezier curves these days. It can get really tedious sometimes. :X

In any case, every day that I go to work on the line art, I end up spending a little more time devoted to it. This makes me really happy, as I'm hoping that eventually I'll get used to spending hours working again without batting an eye. I'm hoping that once I'm able to finish this and I have something that I can honestly be proud of, it'll remind me of why I loved doing art in the first place. I think having something to actually show for my efforts will help me out considerably.

In any case, it's going to take a while to get this entire piece finished, considering I'm a little slow at the moment and there's just so much to it. But it's going to look amazing when it's all finished! ^^

Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Anatomy and Posing

I think today, I will try to look for some more tutorials on anatomy. I remember seeing a couple good ones on DeviantArt (DA) that were really helpful.

It's amazing how much a bit of knowledge about anatomy can make it easier to draw characters in various poses. Knowing how muscles flow around the body makes it easier to draw arms and legs that look more realistic. I also find that artists often complain that drawing hands and feet are the hardest. This isn't really the case for me; I find drawing arms to be a lot more challenging. The overall shape isn't so bad, but when I start to put perspective into the picture or try to do a pose that I haven't really drawn before, that's when it starts to get hard for me. ^^

Also, I think that in addition to knowing anatomy, it's really important to have a clear idea of what pose you want to put your character in. I have a bad habit of starting to draw without a solid image in my head. I'll either have a very vague image of what I want to draw, or I'll just start drawing a face and try to match a pose to whatever expression I come up with. This is not helpful at all. XD In the end, I get something that doesn't feel natural at all and I usually end up struggling to get limbs looking right.

So my two goals? Look up tutorials and information on anatomy, and start trying to reference poses more. I think I may have to start looking at photographs and ads for ideas again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sketches: Miniature Characters

I really want to start selling cute little "chibi" (Japanese for "small") drawings of popular characters on things like buttons, bookmarks, etc. The idea would be to sell this stuff at conventions and hopefully online. I know that there's a demand for this kind of thing but I have a feeling that it's going to never amount to more than just a hobby on the side. I don't actually know how much money people make from selling this sort of thing.

In any case, here's some samples of the designs I'd be doing:

I'd like to take one of these and do line art for it digitally and then play around with colors. :D Eventually I'll get to this point.

Black Cat Sketches

Yesterday and today, I did sketches of the Black Cat. Yesterday's sketch started to take place directly on the computer but I just couldn't get it my ideas flowing very well so I resorted to sketching on paper instead. She turned out alright but it's not quite my style and I feel as if she's a little too cute and not quite sexy enough to be Felicia Hardy. The second one is more simple but I was able to get more of a feel for my style again in that one.

I think what I really need to do is work on my anatomy. I think that'll really help me do more interesting poses. Of course, planning out the poses before I start drawing would help too. /facepalm

You'll have to excuse the horrible quality of these, as I don't have access to a scanner. Gotta love digital cameras. ;P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Reading

I've been reading more of the DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics. I'm about half-way through the book I think and so far, it's been really enlightening. :D I'm so happy I picked it up! The author actually goes into a lot of detail on what you can accomplish with the use of paths and there's a lot of neat things that I would have just never thought about on my own.

I'm actually feeling really inspired to do some form of comic book art right now. XD Maybe a little sketch of the Black Cat? Or Wonder Woman, perhaps? Hmm... so many choices...